From above I am but a dot.

A shadow cast upon the beach.

Stretching as the sun sets.

In the ever expanding universe, a speck of humanity.

Yet here on Earth, I am.

I stand, toes in the sand and I am.

Soft warm waves caressing my legs.

They beckon me to enter the cleat blue waters, and I am.

The footsteps of strangers surround me and in my solitude, I am.

I watch as their presence is erased by the rippling tide.

Footsteps in the sand.

They were too.


Be well, Stay safe.


Where I’m From

I am from hard work,

dirty hands and sawdust filled clothes.

I am from nine to five to make things work.

I am from conferences under the dining room table,

lace curtains sheltering our secrets.

I am from long days out in the sun,

don’t come home ’till the lights come on.

I am from imagination, inspiration.

From perspiration.

I am from the old country, first generation.

I am from dreams.

I am from North of 40, icy winters and humid summers.

From the city of 200 languages,

where mine is just one.

I am from old and new.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.15.27 PMFrom love and tears.

From hopes and fears.

I am from dreams.

Dark skies filled with stars.

I am from stardust.


Be well, Stay safe.



As days shorten bringing darkness, leaves fall to the ground.

Nights become long and cold. Darkness.

Darkness that seems to breed death and decomposition.

Fertile land ripe for life stifled under decaying leaves and frost.

Seemingly endless winter.

Then, life has a way of breaking through the ugliness of last year’s leaves, trodden thick on the ground.

How could anything survive the harsh frost of winter.

Cold, dark and hard.

Shaded from the warmth of the sun.


As always, days grow longer and the rays of the sun reach down to caress the ground.

Loosening winter’s cold fingers.

Melting snow into life.

Seeping into the ground, last year’s refuse, food for growth.

Ugliness turned into something beautiful.

One bloom breaking through the frosts of winter.

Vulnerable what ifs blossoming on trees.



Before you know, it is spring and things are green again.

Be well and stay safe.