Where I’m From

I am from hard work,

dirty hands and sawdust filled clothes.

I am from nine to five to make things work.

I am from conferences under the dining room table,

lace curtains sheltering our secrets.

I am from long days out in the sun,

don’t come home ’till the lights come on.

I am from imagination, inspiration.

From perspiration.

I am from the old country, first generation.

I am from dreams.

I am from North of 40, icy winters and humid summers.

From the city of 200 languages,

where mine is just one.

I am from old and new.

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.15.27 PMFrom love and tears.

From hopes and fears.

I am from dreams.

Dark skies filled with stars.

I am from stardust.


Be well, Stay safe.


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