Is My Cancer Different?

I recently subscribed to @ismycancerdiff on Twitter and discovered a great resource for those dealing with a cancer diagnosis, whether a new diagnosis, dealing with a prolonged battle, or dealing with recurrence.  Http:// has the goal of sharing their message with 1,000,000 people in 1,000,000 minutes.

So what is their message?

Simple, your Cancer is different; you are not the same as someone else and by being armed with the right questions and information, your treatment can be tailored to YOU.

Advancement in the understanding of what causes cancer and what makes one person’s cancer different from another by using molecular-level testing allows your medical team to determine the best course of action for you. Whether it is clinical trials that match your diagnosis or allowing you to avoid unnecessary treatments that prove ineffective in stopping your cancer, having this information can help YOU make the best decision about YOUR treatment, because yes, your cancer is different.

I wish I had known about when I experienced my recurrence in May of 2011, perhaps even before then, because maybe I could have avoided the anxiety of thinking my cancer was a death sentance. Luckily I found a clinical trial that tested my tumor and we discovered that my cancer resulted from a mutation found in some lung cancers. I am now on a drug that inhibits this mutation and allows me to live my life with quality and hope. Before this however, I was told that I was inoperable, not a candidate for radiation, and chemotherapy wasn’t an option until I was sicker. Not very encouraging!! I’ve been in this trial for over nine months, and I owe my life to the Doctor who recommended testing my tumor. By sharing my story and sharing this link, I hope that someone can avoid the stress and anxiety that comes from making decisions about their cancer care.

For more information, please go to               

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